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Since 1939, we've specialized in energy efficient home improvements -- especially in older homes. We do everything from replacing drafty windows and doors to leaky roofs and gutters. Quality products and experienced installers make all the difference.

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Minnesota License #7082

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Who we are. What we do.
We are a residential roofing contractor licensed and insured in the state of Minnesota. We have been in business since 1939; this offers us the unique ability to say that most of our customers come to us via direct referrals and from previous work.

We are not a shingle or roofing product manufacturer, just an installer. We primary work with GAF and CertainTeed products. If you prefer or require a different brand of roofing products, we also install Elk, Owens Corning and others. If you're looking for shingle colors and information, those websites are full of helpful information.

Your home is your biggest investment. We're committed to providing quality materials and workmanship so you'll know you have a good roof for years to come. If any problems arise, rest assured that you'll be covered by both an iron-clad product warranty and a labor warranty with 65 years of experience to back it up.

We deal with all the inconveniences. Once you've selected us to reroof your home, you can be assured we'll obtain all the dumpsters, permits, deal with any city building inspectors, and thoroughly remove and clean up all debris created from our workers.

We understand communication between the homeowner and our workers can be vary important. Little things, like directing the flow of debris away from landscaping might need to be addressed during the installation. In addition to being skilled and hard working, our roofing installers are english speaking and able to communicate with you, the homeowner.

With an estimate you will receive a formal, printed proposal detailing all the work that will be done to your home.

When every job is complete, customers are provided a lien waiver (on request), final invoice and a customer satisfaction survey.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Do you use nails or staples when installing the shingles?
With nails and according to the manufacturer's specifications for maximum protection. Be wary of anyone who installs shingles with staples.
What kind of coverage will you apply to leak-prone areas of my roof?
GAF WeatherWatch® is an ice and water leak barrier that installs over the roofing felts and seals around nails and gaps to prevent water infiltration where water is prone to pooling.

Shingles protect against water that rolls down their slope; however, in areas where ice dambs form and water builds up, shingles no longer keep the water from seeping through. An ice and water protected roof will resist this seeping water and protect your home in incidents like these.

We install ice and water barrier six feet high or more (depending on slope) from all the lower edges of your roof and in all the valleys. 24" "W" shaped galvanized metal is also installed to all valleys. We install it three feet wide around chimneys, skylights, and anywhere ice dambs and water pooling may occur.

What kind of coverage is applied to my chimney?
Chimneys are reflashed with 24 gauge metal step flashings and sealed with Vulkem™ caulk. In addition, ice and water barrier (see above) is installed three feet wide from all edges.
Why is ventilation important, and what type of ventilation will you install?
Inproper roof ventilation can ruin your insulation, destroy your shingles, and raise your energy bills. It can lead to structural damage, ice dambs, mildew, cracking and warping of shingles, and much more. For more information, see GAF's Learn About Roofing page.

The type of ventilation we install depends on your situation and preference. Our proposals include the exact number of vents that will be replaced or cut in as well as additional venting options such as a Ridge Venting System, which provides far better ventilation than multiple vents alone.

Are you licensed and insured?
Our Minnesota Contractor's License is #7082. We, along with our sub-contractors, are fully insured and will provide copies of current insurance certificates upon request.

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