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Special Head Storm Doors
These hard-to-find storm doors are ever popular in older homes with circular, gothic or segment shaped openings.
Minimum Maintenance
Armaclad high-grade aluminum is finished with a baked on enamel for a maintenance-free finish. Your door will never crack, peel or rust like cheap foam or particle board core storm doors found in big home improvement stores.
Solid Core
Unlike foam or particle board core storm doors, Armaclad storm doors are made with a solid resin core. The same material is used in dish-washable cutting boards and high end bose speakers. It has no ill effects with water, and reduces sound dramatically.
Leak Resistance
Armaclad doors offer architectural mounting of tempered glass to seal out wind and rain. High-density wool pile with weatherstripping provides excellent weatherproofing. They have a specially designed window sill to channel water to the outside of the door.
Noise Reduction
Armaclad storm doors are used in homes nationwide to reduce sound from airports, railroads and highways. All Armaclad storm doors have an STC rating of 30 or higher depending on the type of glass.
Durable, Long Lasting
Because of the solid core, Armaclad storm doors are very heavy and durable. Unlike flimsy doors that break open and fly around in the wind, Armaclad storm doors require only one heavy duty closer. They'll be easier to operate and last far longer than any home improvement store alternative. Armaclad storm doors are also covered by a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own them.
All Armaclad storm doors are constructed specifically for your opening (almost any size). Because of their unique installation system, they can even be installed off-square in warped or transformed openings for an ultimate weather and leakage seal. They're available in 10 colors. In other words, you won't have to settle for an off-the-shelf model.
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